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Fiber cement board

Size available : 2400X1200mm

Thickness : 4-20mm

Density  1.40g/cm³

Impact strength: 6.2KJ/M²

Screw holding capability : 37.1N/mm

Water absorb : 30%

Fire-proof Rate : A-Class incombustible

Incombustibility (min): 240 minutes

Thermal Conductivity: ≤0.27w/(m.k)


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China Fiber cement board supplier - Shenghang Building Material

Fiber cement board is a kind of multi-functional building material. It is made of wood lengthy fiber, silicon cement, quartz sand and etc.

By using cutting-edge moulding process, stressing, high-temperature steaming and curing and other special technical processing.

1.Fire-proof: Incombustible A1, the boards not burning in fire-site, won’t produce any poisonous gas.

2.Dam-proof: In the open air, high humidity environment, the board still can keep stable performance.

3.Sound & heat insulationlow heat conductivity, good heat insulation.

4.High strength: Not cracking, not broken, good impact resistant.

5.Safe, non-toxic, non-radioactive, in line with the state’s building materials radioactive protection standards.

6.Secondary processing with good performance: the fiber cement board can be cutting , drilling, carving, painting, stckup ceramic tile, wall paper, etc.


Fiber cement board


What is Fiber cement board? Fiber cement board is an ideal fireproof board for partition in the construction industry. Fiber cement board is a board made of siliceous and calcareous materials as the main raw materials, adding plant fibers, and going through the processes of mixing, pulping, forming, pressing, and curing. The fiber cement pressure board has better performance and is pressed by a special press in the production, so the fiber cement board has a high density. The performance of the fiber cement board, in addition to the raw material, also includes the formula and technology, and the pressure of the press. The process of fiber cement board is more complicated than other boards.


There are several performance characteristics of fiber cement board. For example, fiber cement board is non-flammable. Even if there is a big fire, everything will be burned. At most, it will be blackened all over and can be used again by rubbing. Then the fiber cement board has the characteristics of heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation at the same time, and can also be used as a sound-absorbing ceiling or composite wall panel. Because fiber cement board is lighter in weight, it can reduce engineering and decoration costs compared with cement board. In addition, the fiber cement board has a long service life, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and it can be used for several decades. Some people may ask if there are so many fiber cement boards that are not easy to install? The answer is: it's easy to install. Fiber cement board also has the advantages of rapid construction and reduced wall costs, which saves a lot of labor for construction sites.


Using flame-retardant HPL material, environmental protection, safety, non-toxic and harmless, anti-corrosion and durable.


The cutting is smooth and flat, the edge is flat, no burr, no burr.


The thickness can be customized, 0.7-30mm, factory direct supply, quality assurance.


Various colors and styles can be customized to meet various patterns and applications.


Stitching method: we can customize the stitching style, we have flat stitch, V stitch, seamless


China Fiber cement board supplier


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