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Ecological Fire Rated Roof Tile

"Iron Crown" high strength fireproof anti-corrosion insulating ecological roofing sheet is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection roofing material.

The roofing sheet is made of several kinds of inorganic chemical materials, after production line processing and combined.It was made of MgO,MgCl2, talcum powder,fiber glass cloth,and other fireproof materials.


Shenghang building is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of Ecological Fire Rated Drywall. Welcome to contact us for business cooperation.



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What is Fire Rated Roof Tile?


Ecological Glazed Roofing Sheet

  Its main color is white beige,other colors also ban be produced,such as red,green,blue.But,under certian environment conditions,sometimes the surface color will be whitening, however its strength function will not be affected. White beige color will not change.

  PET Membrane Roofing Sheet

  PET menbrane is a kind of anti-aging film,this kind of roofing sheet could be in different color according to customer's requirement.The performance of Uv blocking, anti-corrosion;acid&alkali resistant are better and service life are longer.

  Aluminium Foil Roofing Sheet

  The surface is Aluminium foil. Its performance of anti-corrosion,UV blocking and acid & alkali resistance is the best.

  Comparison item   Color steel sheets   Cement sheets   "Iron Crown" Ecological roofing sheets
  Acid & Alkali resistant    Poor corrosion resistance    Perishable    PH value between 2 and 12, the sheet will not be affected.
  Fire-proof   Caoted with fireproof paint, when temperature up to 800℃,the Steel sheets began to melt;1000℃ will burning   The common cement products refractory temperature is about 400℃.   Fire-retardant reached grade A1.No ignition combusting in 1000℃ flame.
  Heat conductivity     46.52   According to the thickness   0.169
  Strength   Easy bending; easy broken,Good Toughness   Easy damaged, easy broken   High strength; Good Toughness,No crack
  Dimension Keeping   Easy deformed   Easy deformed , easy broken,easy damaged   Never deformed
  Service life    3 to 5 years   About 5-8 years   More than 15 to 30 years in different series products

  1.Drill the screws with electric drill in appropriate tightness;stop the electric drill once rubber gasket touch sheet arch.If not,the rubber gasket will be distorted or damaged and its seal function will be affected.If rain water enters into drill holes,which will lead to sheet fracturing,and shorten its service life.

  2.The inner angle of house frame ridge position is less than 135℃,the joint between thermal insulating roof sheet and ridge tiles need doing waterproof treatment specially.

  3.The interval of stringers on the roof should be N=800-900mm

  4.The hypotenuse should depend on roof sheet joint parts,which is preferred to be 200mm, not less than 150mm, and in the position of stringers.

  5.Lap joints of two ridge tiles shall not be less than 100mm.Seal the joints of ridge tiles to avoid water seepage.


With the maturity of technology, we have developed deep-processing products. Ecological Fire Rated Drywall series also has high, medium and low-end product lines, which can try various grades of industrial and civil market demand. It began to open up the market of developed countries through international exhibitions and won high praise.


China Fire Rated Roof Tile manufacturer


China Shenghang Building Material is a professional manufacturer of Fire Rated Roof Tile, Roofing Waterproofing Materials, partition wall panels, our products are of safe and reliable quality, and our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome customers to contact us.


China Fire Rated Roof Tile manufacturer,supplier,factory - wholesale Fire Rated Roof Tile


Shenghang Building Material is a company specializing in the production of Fire Rated Roof Tile. Fire Rated Roof Tile products are sold all over the world. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit Shenghang Building Material for technical exchanges and business negotiations. Shenghang Building Material sincerely hopes to work with you to create a better future.


China Shenghang Building Material is a professional roof tiles supplier, Laminated Floor manufacturer. The company's products have undergone strict inspections. Welcome more new and old customers to call or email for consultation. 


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