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Light steel structure house manufacturer

   The demand to reduce the energy consumption in buildings and to use recyclable materials has increased in the last decades. These concerns have the intent to create a more sustainable environment.


In Europe, buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption, having the space conditioning (heating and cooling systems) an important share, which also depends on climate (Santos et al. 2012). Given the high energy consumption of the buildings, the European Union established several objectives in the Energy Performance Building Directive (European Directive 2010/31/EU) regarding “nearly zero-energy buildings” for the year 2020.


It is defined that not only must be increased the contribution from renewable energy sources, but also must be performed an improvement of buildings energy efficiency.


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Light steel structure house manufacturer - Shenghang Building Material

   Built with cold rolling galvanized steel as main load bearing structure, thermal insulation material, acoustic material, waterproof, fireproof material as enclosure, the light steel structure house is a new multi-functional environmental friendly and energy-saving house system.

   All house components are prefabricated in the factory, the workers can finish the construction with simple assembling and decoration, realizing construction modularization. It is a mature and advanced technology, as well as a future direction.

  From the point of view of environmental impacts, this construction technique allows the adoption of sustainability policies that enables the long-term conservation of natural resources, harmonizing the relationship between natural environment and human construction. 

1. Environmental Friendly & Energy Saving.

2. Fast Construction, save much labor cost . And the construction period cut by half.

3. Light self-weight &Save material. Reduce construction waste by 80%.

4. Safe and Durable, Earthquake proof, Typhoon proof.

5. Comfortable for living.

6. Various Options, low cost.


About Light steel structure house manufacturer:


What is Light steel structure house? This kind of induction welding board can be used to fix the screws, making it more stable and firm.


The light steel wall structure system is composed of light steel multi-ribbed beams and columns and the maintenance structure. It has excellent physical performance indicators, short construction period, and good insulation effect. It is a new type of green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly building structure system.

1. Basic system

The light weight of the light steel structure house is light, only about one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure house, and about one-eighth of the reinforced concrete structure house, so it can greatly reduce the cost of foundation construction. The light steel structure house foundation generally adopts the strip foundation. Can.

2. Wall system

The external wall system is generally between 120-200mm. Due to the light and thin wall, light steel structure houses increase the actual use area by about 10%-15% compared with traditional houses, and increase the indoor use area by more than 90% compared with traditional houses. Can be flexibly separated. The pipelines can be arranged in the holes reserved for the walls, floors and roof components, which has good concealment and is more beautiful.

3. Floor system

The floor is made of high-strength hot-dip galvanized C-shaped and U-shaped light steel components. The floor beams are arranged in accordance with the standard modulus and evenly spaced and densely ribbed. The floor beams are covered with structural plates that have been strictly moisture-proof and anti-corrosion to form a strong earthquake resistance. Floor system.

4. Roofing system

The roof truss is assembled from various light steel components. Generally, there are triangular roof trusses and T-shaped roof trusses, which can easily and flexibly realize various complicated roof shapes. Generally, the roof adopts colorful asphalt shingles, which has good waterproof performance, and highlights the beauty and quality.

5. Structural components

All structural components are made of high-strength galvanized steel to ensure the service life of the house. All structural components are cold-formed by the factory's precision machinery assembly line, and the dimensional accuracy is in millimeters, which is unmatched by other structures.



Good structural performance, light weight and high strength, good seismic performance

Steel can be recycled, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than masonry and concrete

Factory processing, quality guaranteed

Light weight, low basic cost

Short on-site construction period

There is basically no wet work on site, and no dust, sewage and other pollution will be generated

The section of structural components is small, the columns are very thin, the walls are very thin, and the building area is large


China Light steel structure house supplier


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