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Prefinished Decorative Internal Wall Panel - Prefinished Board

The prefinished decorative internal wall panel is a kind of natural fire-rated building material. It is made from lightweight cement and ore. Combining with melamine as surface, which can be used as decorative wall panel directly.

Install it with aluminum trim and structural adhesion. It works with drywall to provide complete wall systems. Widely used in commercial buildings, residential buildings, hospital projects.


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Fire-retardant:Grade A1;refractoriness temperature:1200C


Protection against mould, bacterium, insects and termites

3.Toxin Free&Harmless

100%Non-asbestos,non-formaldehyde and other harmful substance,harmless to environment and people's body.

4.Ageing Resistant

The laboratory testing shows that the service life > 30years. It no bubbling, stripping, crack, after repeated freezing and thawing test.

5.Moisture Resistant

Water&moisture resistant,free from impact of condensed bead or moist air.

6.Heat Insulation

Super strong heat insulation performance,which saves cold and hot energy.

7.Impact Resistant

High strength,good stability and good flexibility.

8.Fast Construction

Can be nailed,sawed and drilled, fast & convenient construction, improve working efficiency.

With the maturity of technology, we have developed deep-processing products. Prefinished Board series also has high, medium and low-end product lines, which can try various grades of industrial and civil market demand. It began to open up the market of developed countries through international exhibitions and won high praise.


China Internal Wall Panel manufacturer,supplier,factory


What is Internal Wall Panel?


The internal Wall Panel is a kind of decorative material in the decoration. It has a variety of characteristics, such as heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, etc., and it is simple to construct, with many colors and rich patterns. The decorative effect used is very good. Next, we will also learn about the interior Let’s take a look at the advantages of wall panels and the benefits of using them!



1. What are the advantages of internal Wall Panels


1. The sound insulation effect is better. The sound insulation effect of the inner wall panel can meet the sound insulation requirements of the national residence, and it is better than other wall sound insulation effects.


2. The material is lighter. The weight of a square internal Wall Panel is 60±2kg, and the weight of the brick-concrete wall is about 80% higher than this, and the cost of use is also lower.


3. The compressive strength is also relatively strong, and its compressive strength can reach 5MPa.



4. It has high waterproof performance. The material structure of the inner wall panel is relatively strict, so the waterproof performance is better. It is suitable for use in humid places such as kitchens and bathrooms.


5. It has good environmental performance, the use of materials will not produce harmful substances to the human body, and it meets the national G/T169-2005 standard, and belongs to the non-radioactive A product.


6. The fire resistance is relatively good. The fire resistance limit can exceed 4 hours at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. Even if it is used at a high temperature, it will emit toxic substances, and the fire resistance can reach the national A-level standard.



Second, what are the benefits of using internal Wall Panels


1. The material of the inner wall board is a kind of plastic made of hard polyvinyl chloride profile, which is used for the outer wall of the building, and its function is to cover, protect and decorate.


2. The construction and installation of internal Wall Panels are relatively easy and quick. It is a dry operation, and there will be no quality problems in cold winter construction, and it can be used with a variety of walls.



3. The appearance is relatively resistant to dirt, does not require too careful maintenance, is relatively simple to clean, and is cost-effective to use.


4. The inner wallboard has a long service life, and also has the characteristics of flame retardant, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.


5. The construction can be carried out if the construction climate temperature is above 5℃, but now the new interior wall panels are produced by the advanced production technology in North America, which can guarantee the quality of use even in cold winter construction.


China Internal Wall Panel manufacturer,supplier,factory - wholesale Wall Panel


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