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The TPO waterproofing membrane

The thermoplastic polyolefin(TPO) waterproofing membranes are the most popular waterproof materials in the world at present. Its thermoplastic elastomeric waterproof materials by adopting advanced polymerization together with squeeze technology, which perform well in mechanical properties, high tensile strength, oxidation-resistance and resistance to puncture.

Length: ≧20m

 Width: 2.0m

 Thickness: 1.2mm

 Color: black, white, blue, according to customer’s request. 



Shenghang building is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of The TPO waterproofing membrane. Welcome to contact us for business cooperation.


China Roofing Waterproofing Materials manufacturers, suppliers, Factory - Shenghang Building Material

Products are used for waterproof layer in roofing, basement, steel structure, big market, large workshops and so on.

  Technical property   Test method   Declared value
  Water tightness   EN1928(B)   Pass
  Tensile strength(L/T)   EN12311-2(A)   ≧800N/50mm
  Elongation at reinforcement break(L/T)   EN12311-2(A)   ≧20%
  Resistance to static load-soft substrate   EN12730(A)   ≧25kg
  Resistance to static load-hard substrate   EN12730(B)   ≧25kg
  Resistance to impact-soft substrate   EN12691(B)   ≦10mm
  Resistance to impact-hard substrate   EN12691(A)   ≦10mm
  Tear resistance (L/T)   EN12310-2   ≧400N
  Joint peel resistance   EN12316-2   ≧100N/50mm
  Joint shear resistance   EN12317-2   ≧800N/50mm
  Foldability at low temperature   En495-5   ≦45℃
  Durability-UV exposure   EN1297   Pass
  Resistance to root penetration   EN13948   Pass
  Dimensional stability   EN1107-2   ≦0.5%
  Reaction to fire   EN13501-1   E
  Extemal fire performance   EN13501-5   BROOF (T1)


Roofing Waterproofing Materials


Product Features:


Excellent anti-aging property, prolong life; long life.


Good strength and tension/suitable for a wide range of temperatures


Excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance


Suitable for single layer and cold coating




Suitable for various roofs, basements, tunnels, light-weight building waterproofing projects; roofing and underground projects of civil and industrial buildings, storage tanks, municipal administration, bridges, subways, tunnels, dams, etc., especially for durability and corrosion resistance requirements and volatility Waterproof works.


China Roofing Waterproofing Materials manufacturers, suppliers, Factory


Find Roofing Waterproofing Materials for your production line Get more details of Roofing Waterproofing Materials from Shenghang Building Material and contact us to get price quotation. Shenghang Building Material is one of the leading Roofing Waterproofing Materials Manufacturers, Our product quality has passed international certification, and the price is affordable, welcome to call and order our products wholesale.


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